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Office Schedule | Working Hours

Please read carefully and check this page prior to each and every visit.

As we've learned more about COVID-19, how it spreads, who's most vulnerable and how it impacts those that contract it, we've had to take a critical look at our processes and procedures. We now understand that COVID-19 is most harmful to those 60+ years old with underlying medical conditions. This demographic describes a significant portion of our client base. What’s more, traditionally, we service a very large client base and usually host large crowds that come seeking our help. With these concerns in mind, we are taking precaution to protect clients, staff and the public from the spread of Coronavirus. Please read the ENTIRE list that follows:

2021 Veterans Pavililion Scheduled Closings

You had a traumatic experience while in the military. You know that, as a result, you struggle mentally and emotionally to reconcile changes in how you interact with people, places and things since that traumatic experience.

Col. Don Christensen, the chief prosecutor of the United States Air Force, sat in economy class on a flight to Venice and studied the folder of the sexual-assault case that would ultimately end his career.

Being in possession of your own records is crucial to winning your claims. This article explains how to get them and walks you through steps to request them.

Seems an inherent aspect of the work we do is helping veterans in spite of a VA culture, policy and orchestrated effort to harm vets.